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HO Scale - HO Parts

HO Parts - All

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HCSParts with an "HCS" prefix are HO Scale.  
HCS01Crossing Shanty or Tool Shed, Kit$12.75
HCS05IND R4 Metal Floor w/Motor Adaptor Plate
Three Left - will not be re-run
HCS06PCC Metal Floor
No Stock - Special Order Item - Minimum Order 15 Pieces.
HCS07BMT Standard Floor w/Motor Adaptor Plate
No Longer Available
HCS08Trailer Bolster For N&H Sideframes
Limited Stock
HCS10Flopover Rattan Seats$5.30/Doz
HCS11Long Rattan Bench Seat
Approx. Size .630" Long x .393" High
HCS12Short Rattan Bench Seat
Out of Stock - Approx. Size .417" Long x .393" High
HCS13Single Rattan Seat
Approx. Size .153" Long x .373" High
HCS14Short Double Sided Rattan Seat$3.65/6
HCS15Long Double Sided Rattan Seat$3.65/6
HCS16Westinghouse 5 Resistor Bank$2.70/3
HCS17BMT Standard Ceiling Fans
See HCS18 for illustration
HCS18IND Ceiling Fans$4.25/5
HCS19IND Double Sided Highback Rattan Seat$3.65/6
HCS20PCC or Bus Seat
Out of Stock
HCS21PCC Motormans Seat or Bus Drivers Seat$2.70/6
HCS22Line Pole Caps, Universal Style$4.35/Doz
HCS23CSL MU Control Box$3.35/3
HCS24Wood Junction Box$1.80/3
HCS25Reverser, Remote Operated$2.00/3
HCS26Fuse Box & Mount$1.20/3
HCS27CP27 GE Compressor$2.40/3
HCS288 X 10 Brake Cylinder$1.30/3
HCS29l5 X 36 Air Tank, Riveted$1.80/3
HCS30Resistor Bank w/3 Resistors$2.10/3
HCS31Arena Seating, 10 Seats per Group$24.15/6
HCS32El Structure Corner Brace, Contract II$1.25/Pair
HDE2CSL Decal Set, Complete$2.50
SB100BMT Standard, Monitor Roof
No Longer Available
SB101BMT Standard, Streamlined Roof
No Longer Available
SB102IND R4 New York Subway Car
No Longer Available
SB103CRT 4000 Chicago El Car
No Longer Available
SB104NYW&B Stilwell Coach
No Longer Available
xxxNCA - Not Currently Available  

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