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HO Scale - HO Parts

HO Parts - All

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HCS01Crossing Shanty or Tool Shed, Kit$12.75
HCS05IND R4 Metal Floor w/Motor Adaptor Plate$11.05
HCS06PCC Metal Floor
No Stock - Special Order Item - Minimum Order 15 Pieces.
HCS07BMT Standard Floor w/Motor Adaptor Plate
No Longer Available
HCS08Trailer Bolster For N&H Sideframes
Limited Stock
HCS10Flopover Rattan Seats$5.30/Doz
HCS11Long Rattan Bench Seat
Approx. Size .630" Long x .393" High
HCS12Short Rattan Bench Seat
Out of Stock - Approx. Size .417" Long x .393" High
HCS13Single Rattan Seat
Approx. Size .153" Long x .373" High
HCS14Short Double Sided Rattan Seat$3.65/6
HCS15Long Double Sided Rattan Seat$3.65/6
HCS16Westinghouse 5 Resistor Bank$2.70/3
HCS17BMT Standard Ceiling Fans
See HCS18 for illustration
HCS18IND Ceiling Fans$4.25/5
HCS19IND Double Sided Highback Rattan Seat$3.65/6
HCS20PCC or Bus Seat
Out of Stock
HCS21PCC Motormans Seat or Bus Drivers Seat$2.70/6
HCS22Line Pole Caps, Universal Style$4.35/Doz
HCS23CSL MU Control Box$3.35/3
HCS24Wood Junction Box$1.80/3
HCS25Reverser, Remote Operated$2.00/3
HCS26Fuse Box & Mount$1.20/3
HCS27CP27 GE Compressor$2.40/3
HCS288 X 10 Brake Cylinder$1.30/3
HCS29l5 X 36 Air Tank, Riveted$1.80/3
HCS30Resistor Bank w/3 Resistors$2.10/3
HCS31Arena Seating, 10 Seats per Group$24.15/6
HCS32El Structure Corner Brace, Contract II$1.25/Pair
HDE2CSL Decal Set, Complete$2.50
HIT200BMT Standard Interior Set, Seats only$11.90
HIT201IND R4 Interior, Seats only$9.20
HIT202CRT 4000 Interior, Seats only$11.15
HIT203Brooklyn PCC Interior Set, Seats only$9.80
SB100BMT Standard, Monitor Roof
SB101BMT Standard, Streamlined Roof
SB102IND R4 New York Subway Car
SB103CRT 4000 Chicago El Car
SB104NYW&B Stilwell Coach
xxxNCA - Not Currently Available  

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