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St Petersburg CSL Sedan Truck Installation

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St Petersburg Tram CSL Sedan Powering by Scott Ruffinen

"Tony Tieuli and I have put our heads together regarding the St. Petersburg Sedan and here is what we have come up with. One can CAREFULLY reduce the thickness of the car sides using a Dremel tool fitted with a 1/4" cylindrical steel cutter. The Dremel must be run at a slow speed to reduce chances of over heating and to avoid 'digging in." I managed to reduce the thickness to approximately 0.030" without much difficulty. [Q-Car] 27G trucks fitted with 26" wheels now have enough room to swing a 12-1/2" radius curve. This is sufficient for both my layout and the club layout at Roslindale, MA. Additional clearance can be picked up by narrowing the truck bolsters. I did not have to go to that extreme. Others may have to depending upon the minimum radius on their layouts.

I did all of this cutting with the car floor in place, sans trucks, of course. The intention was to use the floor as a cutting guide and that did work very well. A side benefit was that very little fluff gets inside the car. A few shots of compressed air takes care of what does manage to get in there." Scott Ruffinen

Tom Kilton Model. Photos and the depicted truck installation and captions are by the Q-Car Company.

Click on thumbnail to see photo. Some of the large photos have captions.

CSL_Sedan_01 CSL_Sedan_02 CSL_Sedan_03
CSL_Sedan_04 CSL_Sedan_05 CSL_Sedan_06
CSL_Sedan_07 CSL_Sedan_08 CSL_Sedan_09
CSL_Sedan_10 CSL_Sedan_11 CSL_Sedan_12
CSL_Sedan_13 DSL_Sedan_14 CSL_Sedan_15
CSL_Sedan_16 DSL_Sedan_17 CSL_Sedan_18
CSL_Sedan_19 CSL_Sedan_20

And from Ron Hastie. The captions in this section are by Ron Hastie.

Hastie_Sedan_1 Hastie_Sedan_2T.jpg Hastie_Sedan_3
Hastie_Sedan_4 Hastie_Sedan_5.jpg Hastie_Sedan_6

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All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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