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LOW PROFILE MT10LP Specifications


This Low Profile power unit is designed as a conventional drive, and is an ideal replacement for existing imported, or domestic drives, or on new installations where cutting through the car floor is objectionable. The price of the MT10LP is the same as our MT10 using our sideframes and wheelsets. Short wheelbase trucks become MT10s; the MT10LP design is for 6' or greater wheelbases.

All Clark and St. Louis B2 and B3 trucks are built as MT10LP trucks. They cannot be built any other way.


On many installations, because of the low level nature of our MT10LP drives you can mount the truck completely underfloor by omitting the bolster, and mounting the truck directly to the car floor. Bolsters were used on the prototype to distribute half the car weight onto each truck and thence to the rails. In modeling work this isn't necessary. Most car floors, be they brass or wood (assuming a minimum of .015" Brass or .125 wood) can easily support the weight of the car without a bolster. MT10LP_Bolster1If room permits on wood floors, thin washers or an 010" flat plate can be used as a bolster to prevent the wood from wearing down. We do provide both a power, and a trailer truck bolster with all of our assembled trucks. The bolster provided with the MT10LP type of truck can be rotated to either gain a little height (approximately .032") or take some height away should there be enough room to use this bolster.

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