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O Scale Cars Truck Installation Costs

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If you would like us to power an imported brass model you own the following is available:

IN01 Truck Installation St Petersburg Car Single Powered truck $102.20

IN02 Truck Installation Corgi PCC Car Single Powered truck $80.80

IN03 Truck Installation Single Powered Truck $58.80

IN04 Truck Installation Corgi Birney Car - Single Powered Truck $58.80

IN02B Floor Conversion w/Truck Installation For second powered truck (Same Car) @22.75

WG01 Two Rail Wiring @0.00

WG02 Overhead Wiring & Pole Installation $17.55 Double Ended Car

WG02B Overhead Wiring & Pole Installation $8.75 Single Ended Car

WG03 Wiring for Overhead & Two Rail Includes 3PDT Switch @20.40 (In addition to Pole Installation)

Flat Plate Bolster (Any LP Power Truck) $10.15

St Petersburg Car Shipping cost $17.70 - Includes $500 Insurance

Corgi Shipping Cost is $13.40 - Includes $200 Insurance

Hastie MU Car

For more information about powering a car built by St. Petersburg Tramway please go to the St Petersburg page for pricing information.

Note: When ordering any truck please specify insulated for two rail track, or grounded for overhead operation. With noted exceptions, if you do not specify we will assume you want grounded for overhead operation.

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