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Photo Gallery - The Birney Model

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Disassembly of the Birney Car and Q-Car Power Installation

Trucks for your Birney Car
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The following are photos sent to us by our customers and friends. We hope you enjoy them. If you have digital images you'd like to share, write to us. Click on thumbnail to see photo. Some of the large photos have captions.

Steve Olsen photos and models. Taken on Steve's modular layout.

Olsen_Steinway_Birney_1 Olsen_Steinway_Birney_2

Tony Tieuli photos and models. Taken on Tony's layout.

Tieuli_Steinway_BirneyT_1 Tieuli_Steinway_Birney_5
Tieuli_Steinway_Birney_7 Tieuli_Steinway_Birney_6

Eric Tratner photos and models.

Tratner_Steinway_Birney_1 Tratner_Steinway_Birney_2
Tratner_Steinway_Birney_3 Tratner_Steinway_Birney_4

"Bay State Model Railroad Museum", Roslindale, Massachusetts.

Inspecting_truck TARS_and_PTC

For more information about ordering either our MT010LP or MT010UF PowerTrucks click here.

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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