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Photo Gallery - Model

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Tom Shepherd and Jim Phelps Models.

The Cleveland car belongs to Tom Shepherd, powered with Q-Car drive. The layout and several of the NS&T cars also Q-car power are those of Jim Phelps in St. Catharines Ontario and was built by a local modeler, Glenn Whitehouse. Jim has this very large "O" streetcar and railroad layout. That is Bob Halperin installing a crossing signal in Jim's layout.

Shepherd_02 Shepherd_01 Shepherd_04
Shepherd_05 Shepherd_03 Shepherd_06
Shepherd_07 Shepherd_08 Shepherd_09

Jacques Loiselle Models and Photos.

This is NOT a Corgi Birney - this was expertly made from a MacGregor kit by Jacques.

MTC_200_Loiselle_MacGreg_1 MTC_200_Loiselle_MacGreg_2

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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