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Photo Gallery - Model

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The following are photos sent to us by Tony Tieuli. We hope you enjoy them. Click on thumbnail to see photo. Some of the large photos have captions.

Tony Tieuli photos and models.

Tieuli_Miss_Springfield Tieuli_Spfld_Front_End Tieuli_Springfield554_Side

A Cardstock and wood model of the "revolutionary" 1927 experimental car made for Springfield St. Ry., (Mass.) in collaboration with Wason, Detroit-Timken, and the Railway. Built 2010.

Tieuli_liverpool_343a Tieuli_lptb1622model Tieuli_lptb1622layout
Tieuli_MTA_3059_3069 Tieuli_5803_5800_Type_5 Tieuli_MTA_3059
Tieuli_CenterEnt_6277 Tieuli_CenterEnt_6277a Tieuli_Cnter_Ent_6277_1918T.jpg
Tieuli_Car.at.Churchloop Tieuli_Car.at.Churchloop Tony_Tieuli_Setting_Poles
Charlie_Pitts_01 Charlie_Pitts_02 Charlie_Pitts_03

"I have this new stuff for paving that is absolutely great - if expensive. It is a new material I discovered: Mu-Cla Sculpting/Modeling Clay. It comes out of the can like putty, but is an amalgam of fibre, glue? colored grey. You can see the color of the material in the photos. The beauty is that it takes quite a while to dry, meaning one can really get things smooth without rushing and worrying that it will set too soon. Once it dries, it is like rock, but can be sanded, drilled, painted, etc. Apparently sculptors use it which accounts for the long set time. I just bought a one gallon pail of it for $40.00 which should be sufficient for the club needs for now. The small sample has been opened several times and has remained like new for months!" Tony Tieuli.

Tieuli_5742_01 Tieuli_5742_02

The above is Greg Kings new Baltimore car. Built and painted by Tony Tieuli. Photos by Tony Tieuli.

Tieuli_Portland_800_01 Tieuli_Portland_800_02

Another Tony Tieuli rescue. A very damaged brass body completly restored, and equipped with Q-Car 84E trucks. Photos by Tony Tieuli.

Tieuli_Baltimore_6119a Tieuli_Baltimore6119

Charles Pitts photo and model.


A spectacular photo and model from Charles Pitts. Made from a 3D printed model by West Coast Traction Supply through Shapeways.

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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