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Photo Gallery - Model

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Bill Olsen of Minneapolis Photos and Models.

All the captions in this section are by Q-Car. The line through the photos is the fault of our scanner not the original photo.

B_Olsen_1 B_Olsen_2
B_Olsen_3 B_Olsen_4

Bob Zeman Photos and Models.

All of these cars are scratch built.

B_Zeman_Conn_Co_Car B_Zeman_Steeplecab Zeman_Cincinnati_Combine
B_Zeman_Work_motor Zeman_ICC_Coach B_Zeman_Steeplecab2
Zeman_Dynamo_2 Zeman_ICC_Coach Zeman_Dynamo_1

Steve Loitsch Photos and Models.

Captions are by Steve Loitsch edited by Q-Car.

S_Loitsch_Car_Barn S_Loitsch_NS_Steeplecab
S_Loitsch_8000 S_Loitsch_Hog_Isl_Car

Robert Almodovar Photos and Models.

Robert has painstakingly added Q-Car Subway Car Buffer Gates and H2A couplers to his MTH subway models. He had a friend computer match the paint colors for him. Keep in mind that these gates are not functional, and Robert only operates on an "out and back" layout. There are no curves to negotiate.

R17-6890_w/BufferGate R-176890_R21_7559
R33_9625_A_Side_View R32_3858

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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