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Photo Gallery - Model

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Jean Deschenes Photos and Models.

Captions in this section are by Jean Deschenes or Q-Car. The line through the photos is the fault of our scanner not the original photo.

DeschenesModel_1 DeschenesModel_2
DeschenesModel_3 J_Deschenes_Texas_Elec DeschenesModel_4

Richard Millette Photo and Model.

All the captions in this section are by Q-Car.


Ed Gabrielson Photo and Model.


Charlie Pitts Photo and Model.


Gerald Brothers Photo and Model.

Brothers_Line_Car_1T.jpg Brothers_3 Brothers_2

Jim Freeman Photos and Models.

Osgood_Bradley_Queensborobridge_car Differential_Dump Open_Car
Birney_Car Sweeper

Bruce Battles painted all the cars shown except the sweeper which was painted by Jim Freeman. The cars are operating on the layout of Alf Modine.

Jim Freeman

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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