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Photo Gallery - Model

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The following are photos sent to us by our customers and friends. We hope you enjoy them. If you have digital images you'd like to share, write to us. Click on thumbnail to see photo.

Roger Somers photos and models.

R_Somers3 R_Somers_1
R_Somers4 R_Somers_5
Roger_S_Subway R_Somers_6
R_Somers_11 R_Somers_12

The following is the latest addition to Roger's Layout. It represents the loop at Canobie Lake Park.

Somers_Canobie_Lake_Park_1 Somers_Canobie_Lake_Park_2T.jpg
Somers_Canobie_Lake_Park_3 Somers_Canobie_Lake_Park_4

The pickets are all hand cut at a scale 8' long. I made a fixture to cut 2 at a time from strip wood with a razor blade and after a short while I was making them at a good clip. Then I made another fixture to assemble the fence. I made the strips of fencing 2 feet long. This made it easy to handle for putting the fence up. The backbone for the fence was basswood which bends fairly easily. The fence posts are a scale 6' apart and are glued into holes in the table top and the fencing glued to the posts. The fencing in the station is the same construction just 6' high. I used photos and postcards to lay the whole thing out and try to put some scale to it. The boarding station is only 1/2 the scale length of the prototype. It was a mater of space on the layout. The original station was 4 bays at 30' each bay with each bay have a different destination. My station is 2 bays but it still tells the story. I still need to add some subtle details like signs and benches inside the station. I will get to that over time.

Roger Somers

The following photos were were taken at John Somers layout (Roger's father).

R_Somers_7 R_Somers_1
R_Somers9 R_Somers_10

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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