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Fred Oakland Photos and Models.

Fred Oakland has been in the traction hobby since the 70's. He enjoys O scale trolley and mainline model restoration and formerly owned Red Brae Shops.

Oakland_01 Oakland_02 Oakland_03.jpg
Oakland_04 Oakland_05 Oakland_06.jpg
Oakland_07.jpg Oakland_08.jpg


The bridge was made in one assembly approximately 20 feet long. The core is a one piece wood member where 48 bridge girders were attached via 0-80 hex head bolts. Walkways were fabricated, track laid and weathered. The bridge Oakland_10.jpgpiers were cut out of wood sealed and weathered. The piers were carefully located on the layout first and then a crew of 3 people marched the bridge assembly out of the train room in order to clear a joist post and marched back in and set in place.

I learned a method of hanging catenary from a Milwaukee pioneer in trolley modeling, Harry Bondurandt.

Alex Azary Photos and Models.

Alex Azary has been in the hobby of model railroading longer than anyone can remember. In 1975 when Q-Car decided that to keep the hobby rolling it would add trucks to it's line of parts and cars, Alex stepped forward and made the wheels so necessary for that to suceed. Finding a company or individaual to make a short run of anything so precise as an O scale wheel at a reasonable price was nothing short of impossible at the time. Thanks to Alex building trucks has become to primary focus of what Q-Car does as it approaches it's forty fourth year in business.

Alex_Azary_Freight_Mtr Alex_Azary_Freight_Mtr Alex_Azary_Car_Barn

The frieght motor was the third scratch built car your author made sometime in 1969. The first year I joined the traction hobby. Alex bought the car in the seventies when we put a batch of our scratch built models up for sale to finance the expansion of Q-Car. It returned home several years ago when Alex asked to trade for a car we were producing at the time.

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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