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Photo Gallery - Prototype

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Tampa Street Railway

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The following photos were provided by Alan Conner.

Tampa_St_Rwy-7 Tampa_St_Rwy-2 Tampa_St_Rwy-6
Tampa_St_Rwy-4 Tampa_St_Rwy-5 NYCTA_SlantNose_R40_4th_Av

SEPTA - Philidelphia

The following photographs were taken by Al Conner on 16 October 2004.

Al_Conner_01 Al_Conner_02
Al_Conner_03 Al_Conner_04

When viewing color photographs keep in mind that color film dye tends to fade and go off color over time. Also, various types of film will favor one color over another; ektachrome favors cool colors, but kodachrome favors the warm colors. Also, slide film, and print film will vary color shading.

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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