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Photo Gallery - Prototype

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Brooklyn's Bath Avenue Changing Scene

Photos from the Nate Gerstein, George Conrad & Ed Doyle Collection.

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1000_El_Car_At_Grade_Bath Bath_Ave_Early_Streetcar

Compare the building to the left of the El Cars (on the right of the photo), and the right of the streetcar. This was the junction station at 19th and Bath Avenue. It is still a station in the el car photo, but appears to be a commercial establishment in the streetcar photo.


Another view of the 19th and Bath Avenue from a re-touched photo made into a postcard.

El_Cars_at_Grade_Bath_Av 2576_BATH_AV_&_BAY_19_ST

In the above two photos you can compare the row of buildings just behind the streetcar (on it's left), and adjacent to the left of the el cars of each photo. These are the same in both photos. The photos are taken about 35 years apart.

Now compare the trackwork in the top left photo with the bottom right photo. They are the same - but by the 1940's the streets are paved, the el cars are no longer allowed on the streets, and automobiles are becoming more common.

EL_at_Grade_84ST_Sta_Bath 2554_WEST_END_LINE WESTEND_PRW_18AvSta_1/13/44

Another set of photos taken almost 50 years apart. Each photographer was standing in almost the exact spot to take his photo. Car 2554 is heading north. The outer sections of Brooklyn changed from bucolic to full city in a very short period of time. One wonders how the people, who lived through and saw these changes happening so quickly, felt?

The photo on the right was taken just to the north of the two preceeding photos. You are looking south. The women are waiting for the next car. Photo from the Ed Doyle Collection

8187_BathAv_Bay19_WEST_END 8187_86_ST_18_AV_WEST_END B&QT_8493_18_AV _WEST_END B&QT_8284_West_End_Line

The photo one in from the left and middle above were taken just south of New Utrecht Avenue. The photo on the right above was taken just north the Avenue.


One more photo of an 8000 about to cross 86th Street just south of New Utrecht Avenue. In the 1970's the tracks crossing the sidewalk were still there.

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