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O Scale - Car Parts Interior

Car Parts Interior - Electrical Control

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
CS108Fans, Ceiling IRT Lo-V$5.85/4
CS129Fare Box, Johnson, Type 1054$0.75
CS130Motorman, Two Hands Extended, Unpainted
Limited Stock
CS131Motorman, One Hand Extended, Unpainted 
CS132Motorman, Two Hands Extended, Painted
No Longer Available
CS133Controller, K72$3.20
CS134Controller, K6L$3.20
CS135Controller, K6P$3.20
CS136Controller, K36B$3.20
CS137Controller, GE165A$3.20
CS138Controller, MU for Type HL Control$3.20
CS138BController, MU for Gated El Cars$3.20
CS140Controller, XM29 (IND R1-9)$4.50
CS140BController, (XM179) (IND or IRT R15-34)$4.50
CS141Controller, C3-131-13 (IRT Lo-V)$4.50
CS142Box, Reverser, Split Cover (IRR)$0.75
CS143Controller, GE M (Used in Steeplecabs)$3.20
CS336Wind Guards ("Modesty Panels"), PCC$3.40/3
CS337Motorman's Control Platform, PCC
Out of Stock - This also means PCC Finishing Kits will be not supplied with tis item.
CS363Fans, Ceiling 23" Axiflow Fans$4.50/4

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Car Parts Interior - Electrical Control Hardware

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
B211Controller Handles, 4 Assorted (Lost Wax Brass)
Out of stock
B212Controller Handle, K6P (Lost Wax Brass)
Out of stock
B213Controller Handle, K36B (Lost Wax Brass)$2.15
B214Controller Handle, GE165A (Lost Wax Brass)$2.15
B215Controller Handle, HL (Lost Wax Brass)$2.15
CS382Controller, Cineston$3.40/Pair

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Car Parts Interior - Hardware

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
CS009Interior Partition w/Offset Door
Sold Out
CS010Seat, End Bench (As used on 1900)$5.85/4
CS012Seat, End Bench (As used on the185 -199 Jewett)$5.85/4
CS018Seating Set, BU Center Door El Car (Seats only)$20.65/Set
CS019Seating Set w/Wind Guards (IRT Lo-V )$20.65/Set
CS061Seat, Wood Slat$10.95/Doz
CS062Seat, Motormans, IRR$1.05
CS063Seat, Plush IRR$10.95/Doz
CS064Seat, PCC, Standard Handle$10.95/Doz
CS064BSeat, PCC , Raised Hand Grab Handle
Very Limited Quantities
CS066Seat, Rattan Flopover$10.95/Doz
CS067Seat, Motormans, PCC$5.55/6
CS077Seat, Highback Reversible Plush$13.40/Doz
CS107Wind Guards ("Modesty Panels"), IRT Lo-V Center Door$3.40/4
CS109Seating Set, IRT R17 Seats only
Out of Stock
CS111Motorman's Cab, IRT R17 (NYCTA R Type Cars)
Sold Out
CS183Seat, Bench, Wood Slat Bklyn 8000$10.05/Pair
CS184Seat, End Bench, CSL Pullman$5.05/4
CS185Seat, Cross, El Car Highback w/armrest$12.05
CS186Seat, Bench, Segmented Four Passenger$6.05/4
CS187Seating Set, El Car (Complete for One Car)$29.35
CS188Grab Straps, El Car Ceiling Leather$4.85/Doz
CS189Grab Straps, R17, Heavy Cast Stainless Type$4.85/Doz
CS302Grab Straps, Subway Car Ceiling (LoV Type)$4.85/Doz
CS335Step Well, Two Step w/Anti-Slip Mats$3.00/Pair
CS336BWind Guards ("Modesty Panels"), BQT 6000$3.40/3
CS338Seat, Rear Curved Type, PCC$1.75
CS339Seat, Rear Straight Type, PCC$1.75
CS340Seat, Long Bench, Ten Passenger, PCC$3.15
CS341Step Well, Single Step w/Anti-Slip Mats$3.00/Pair
CS343Motormans Partition, Boston Center Door Car
Sold Out
CS344Step Well, Two Step (A Shorter Version of CS335)$3.00/Pair
CS346Seat, Segmented El Car Three Passenger$5.40/4
CS347Seat, Bench Wood Slat, Seven Passenger (1.962")$2.10
CS348Seat, Bench,Wood Slat Round Corner (2.465")$2.10
CS349Seat, Bench, Wood Slat, Two Passenger w/Heater$0.95
CS350Seat, Rear Curved Wood Slat, Six Passenger (PRT)$2.85
CS351Conductors Position, Two Partitions w/Stool$2.40/Set
CS352Wind Guard ("Modesty Panels"), Exit (PRT)$0.95
CS360Step Well, Single Shallow Step
Limited Stock
$1.80/ Pair
CS366Seat, Plush Two Passenger (R17)$3.70/4
CS367Seat, Bench, Plush Ten Passenger (R17)
Out of Stock
CS370Interior Wall Panels, Interior R17
No Longer sold separately.
CS379Interior Bulkhead, IRT LoV w/Ad Card Holder$10.00/Pair
CS396Seat, Plush Indianapolis City Car

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