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O Scale - Street Details

Street Details - All

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
B101Overhead Line Pole, Taper Pipe Style (Machined Brass)
Sold Out
CS068Highway Safety Cone$3.30/6
CS069Screw Jack, Heavy Duty Car$3.30/5
CS070Manhole Cover only, Round (See CS106)$0.85
CS071Line Pole Cap, Brooklyn Style$4.80/Doz
CS084Street Lamp & Hanger, Chicago Style$3.75/Pair
CS085Street Lamp Head, Turn of The Century Type$1.70/Pair
CS086Street Lamp Hanger only
Sold Out
CS087Line Pole Cap, Acorn (Florett) Style$5.30/Doz
CS088Traffic Light Head only$1.25
CS106Manhole Cover, Round w/Frame
Limited Stock
CS177Sewer Grate & Frame, Curb$5.05/4
CS178Sewer Grate only$2.05/4
CS179Sewer Grate & Frame, Surface$5.05/4
CS180Sewer Grate & Frame, Between Rail$5.05/4
CS181Sewer Grate only, Between Rail$2.05/4
CS182Letter Box on Post$1.00
CS300El Pillar, Cast Phoenix Column, 21' Long (5.25 Inches)
Sold Out
CS301El Pillar Base, Cast Sub-Surface Support
Mounted on a subsurface concrete block - the top ring flush with grade.
CS301BEl Pillar, Phoenix Column Base Top Ring
Use if you don't use CS301
CS397El Structure Corner Brace, Contract II
Limited Stock
CS398El Structure Corner Brace, Manhattan El. Rwy.$2.20/Pair
PB118Overhead Wire, .018 X 100' Phosphor Bronze
No Longer Available
PB120Overhead Wire, .020 X 100' Phosphor Bronze
No Longer Available

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