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New York City Model Transit Association


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Any mass transit vehicle* in any scale may be entered into the Model Contest provided that it is the ORIGINAL work of the contestant.

  • Professional model builders, i.e., builders of finished cars for commercial sales are not permitted to enter the contest, nor are their products eligible for entry by others for them.
  • The contestant must be present to complete the entry form. Please limit your entry to ONE MODEL or set.
  • Scratch builders are encouraged to provide one or more prototype photos or a plan in the scratch built or kit bashed category. This documentation helps judges verify any unique features of the original that are duplicated on the model. There is a five (5) point bonus for submitting a photo or plan. To earn points, the photo(s) or plan(s) must be of the prototype, not the model entered. All models are graded by a point system used by the judges.
  • The contest opens at 10:00AM for registration. Contestant agrees to leave model on the competition table until after the judges have made their decision and prizes have been awarded, i.e., until 3:00PM. The contest table will be supervised at all times.
  • There must be a minimum of three models entered in competition for the category to justify a contest. If there are fewer than the minimum number of entries, an entry MUST score at least 240 points to qualify for the top prize In the judged contest. The Judges decisions are final.


  • Prizes consist of an award for the Best Model for a transit vehicle; in the opinion of the judges, Honorable Mention may be given to other commendable models. In addition to the judged model contest, there is a Popular Award given for the best model as voted by attendees of the show. Ballots for this purpose are distributed at the registration desk. One vote per person


  • Models not intended for the contest may be placed on the designated area of the table for display. We encourage modelers to showcase their works in progress or other models they particularly wish to display for others to see and admire. Any model vehicle may be put on the table if there is room for it. Limit one display model per person.


  • SCRATCH BUILT MODEL - Made/built by the contestant from plans, photos, etc., from any materials to produce a prototype or freelance representation. The only commercial parts to be items to finish model.
  • KIT MODEL - Built by the contestant from a commercial kit as designed by manufacturer, Including all parts to complete it. In the case of vehicle models, items from other sources may be used to finish.
  • MODIFIED KIT - This category includes commercial models modified by contestant from the original kit to a specific prototype or made from parts of commercial kit(s) to represent a specific prototype. Unpainted commercial models including brass, epoxy or urethane shells super detailed , powered, and painted by the contestant fall into this category.

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* Defined as trolley, interurban, rapid transit car, trackless trolley, bus, and commuter rail car.

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The NYCMTA Contest Rules are presented here at their request. The NYCMTA has no affiliation, past or present to the Q-Car Company, Inc. or any of it's employees.

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